Welders DC 2 Poles (40÷300A - 2kVA÷10kVA / 50Hz)

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Welders DC 2 Poles (40÷300A - 2kVA÷10kVA / 50Hz)

Welders DC 2 poles (35÷220A / 50Hz)

The PW2 and PW3 generators–welders series are brush-type 2 pole alternators with compound or compound-electronic regulation, as a generator this feature guarantees outout voltage precision and motor-starting capability. Born of well established and continuous experiences in teh welding sector this rotative DC. Welder series foresees models with 3 phase and derived 1-phase or pure 1-phase generator output. A peculiar characteristic of the series (models 200 220) is that it disconnect the generator output when it is being in the welder function, this avoids having dangerous voltage as a generators. instead, in the generator function there is a protection which due to it’s specific circuitations allows not to have dangerous voltages in the generators in case of accidental short circuit in the welder part. The selection of the desired function and of the output current regulation current governed by two commutators in the rear panel where the welder socket are located on the side of the unit.


The PW2 series has been engineered to satisfy end-user which have specific mediumpower requirements and it allows the use of single- or three-phase utensils and of a D.C. welder which melts all types of electrodes ( rutile, basics, cellulosics).

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