Permanent magnets generators 4÷30p, 3Ph/1Ph, Brushless,(1÷400kVA)

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Permanent magnets generators 4÷30p, 3Ph/1Ph, Brushless,(1÷400kVA)

Mecc Alte has recently developed a unique series of permanent magnet generators: these machines offer great performance for when the highest power density is required as well as the best efficiencies. This further extends the product ranges Mecc  Alte can offer in order to cover every possible application.

Mecc Alte permanent magnet generators are used in many different applications, such as:

  • Wind turbines and micro-turbines
  • Hydraulic turbines and micro-turbines
  • Variable speed generators
  • Power generators for vehicles (trains, buses, trucks)

The technical characteristics of these generators are chosen with our customer, depending on the system in which they shall be used. For this reason the number of poles, the geometry (axial or radial flux), the magnet technology (ferrite or NdFeB) and the voltage output are different and unique for every single application. The technical expertise and experience of Mecc  Alte  enables us  to offer bespoke machines specifically designed to meet the customers specification. Please contact MeccAlte for more detailed information on this product range.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics

CodePolesRating [kW]Download
Eogen160.5 - 8DataSheet
Njorgen345 - 20DataSheet