NPE31 2p, 3Ph/1Ph, Brushless, A.V.R. (8÷32kVA / 50Hz)

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NPE31 2p, 3Ph/1Ph, Brushless, A.V.R. (8÷32kVA / 50Hz)

The new series of alternator called NPE is the result of our long experience in the power generation business, and of diligent studies and researchers aiming to keep pace with the technological development of an era where technology is the winning card.

The new NPE32 series has been designed to satisfy all those applications asking for an extremely compact alternator, that can be fitted in a volume much smaller than a conventional one. This will result in a smaller gen-set.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics

CodePoleRating cl. H kVA at 50 HzRating cl. H kVA at 60 HzDownload
NPE3128 ÷ 329.6 ÷ 38.4DataSheet