Three-phase - Brush - Compound regulation (5,5÷20kVA / 50 Hz)

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Three-phase - Brush - Compound regulation (5,5÷20kVA / 50 Hz)

The generators of this series are three-phase, with brushes and they are characterised by a compound-type regulation on the 3 phases; besides a high pickup capacity (motors startup: 1 HP X KVA) they also provide good performances under a single phase connection. With the delta connection it is possible to obtain 70 % of the three phase rated load and 45 % star connection with neutral. 

They are manufactured according to the standards CEI 2-3, EN 60034-1, IEC 34-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, NF C 51-111, CAN/CSA - C 22.2 N°100-95. They are available with 2 poles in the series TR1 and TR2, and by 2 or 4 poles in the series BTO3; they can operate either at 50 or 60 Hz. These series have the stator or the rotor inclined in order to improve the wave form. The 2 pole rotors have a damping cage and all the windings of the stator have a shortened pitch to reduce the harmonic content. 

Ecologizer ECO1
In case of power drop, the ecologizer is a device which, by controlling an actuator, operates on the engine governor reducing its speed and allowing a reduction in fuel consumption, acoustic and atmospheric pollution.

Auxiliary electric frame(TR1, TR2) 
A small electric frame, very flexible and low size is available. lt may contain various useful accessories, available upon request, such as normal use sockets (SCHUKO, EEC, etc.) an electronic voltmeter, thermal protections, battery charger, key to start the set, ecologizer, eventual auxiliary relays or special devices for different customisations.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics

CodePoleRating cl. H kVA at 50 HzRating cl. H kVA at 60 HzDownload
TR125,5 ÷ 6,56,6 ÷ 7,8Technical Specification
Overall dimensions
T16F26 ÷ 7,57,2 ÷ 9Technical Specification
TR228 ÷ 12,59,6 ÷ 15Technical Specification
Overall dimensions
T20F210 ÷ 1512 ÷ 18Technical Specification
BTP3216 ÷ 2019,2 ÷ 24Technical Specification