Singlephase - Brushless - Capacitor regulation (1÷13kVA / 50Hz)

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Singlephase - Brushless - Capacitor regulation (1÷13kVA / 50Hz)

The "portable" generators are single phase machines, without brushes, with a high operating reliability, as a result of accurate design and years of research and experience in the construction of electric machines. 

No maintenance is required because there are neither collectors nor sliding contacts. Special care has been taken about the design and performance in order to improve their connection to the engine, according to any constructive shape forecast. 

The portable generators are manufactured according to the following standards: CEI 2-3, EN 60034-1, IEC 34-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, NF C 51-111, CAN/CSA - C 22.2 N°100-95; furthermore, they agree with the following European Community standards: 73/23, 89/392, 89/336. 

ECO 2C ecologizer
In case of power drop, the ecologizer is a device which, by controlling an actuator, operates on the engine governor reducing its speed and allowing a reduction in fuel consumption, acoustic and atmospheric pollution.

RCM electronic voltage regulator 

A patented electronic device designed to improve precision on output voltage on capacitor controlled alternators. Thanks to this device the "portable" range reaches fine performances as far as voltage stability is concerned, regardless engine speed variation, load and temperature conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics

CodePoleRating cl. H kVA at 50 HzRating cl. H kVA at 60 HzDownload
S15W21,2 ÷ 2,81,45 ÷ 3,4Technical Specification
S16W22,5 ÷ 5,73 ÷ 6,8Technical Specification
S16F25,5 ÷ 6,56,6 ÷ 7,8Technical Specification
S20W26 ÷ 8,57,2 ÷ 10,2Technical Specification
S20F28,5 ÷ 1310,5 ÷ 15,5Technical Specification